Smiski is changing his clothes and is a little embarrassed that we are all watching! New Release [SMISKI Dressing Series]

Nov 1, 2022

「Dressing in the corner?」 Mysterious creatures secretly changing clothes in the corner of your room! In this series, SMISKI has been discovered secretly changing clothes. Like you, he wants to express his fashion sense. The “Dressing Series” depicts scenes that are a little goofy, adorable, and laughable, such as “SMISKI Tight Pants” in which he…


SMISKI has gone to work! ?? The long-awaited new series “SMISKI@Work” will be released! !

Feb 8, 2022

Telework has increased and working environments have changed significantly. Observant Smiski has been watching from the corners and in this series, he is imitating our work habits. Smiski can hang out next to you so that you can work together. Whether from the corner of your desk or elsewhere in your home or office, Smiski…


SMISKI is now available as a popular bath salt ♪ New Releace:「Rainbomb SMISKI」

Sep 9, 2021

SMISKI appears in “Rainbomb”, which is a hot topic in the media!   When the tablet in the bath bomb melts, a small rainbow forms in the bath. Have a fun bath time with SMISKI ♪   Smiski Lounging Smiski Lounging who wants to lie down in the bath. Sweet fairy scent ♪   Smiski…


New Release!SMISKI stamps for LINE that you can use at work!

Jun 1, 2021

The third series of the popular SMISKI stamps for LINE is here! This time, SMISKI quietly appears in your work conversation on LINE… Lets Search for “SMISKI” at the stamp shop on the LINE app!   【Details】 SMISKI stamps for LINE   Price:50 LINE COIN(¥120) Type:40 kind of stamps For Details>>


A swaying Smiski will appear ♪ New Releace:「SMISKI Bobbing Head」

Mar 15, 2021

New Release:「SMISKI Bobbing Head」 Watch you from your room or car dashboard, swaying and swaying happily.   Smiski Hugging Knees   Smiski Looking Back   SMISKI Lotus Pose   It is also recommended to display it side by side with SMISKI in the same pose or your favorite SMISKI figure. When I get tired and…