Illuminate your room with Smiski’s glow♪ New Release:『SMISKI Touch Light』

Feb 5, 2024

Introducing a new SMISKI product: 『SMISKI Touch Light』. “Smiski Daydreaming”, which appeared in “Living Series”, is now available as a touch light! Smiski is pondering with a small cat on his head that gently illuminates your room. You can dim the light by tapping the “SMISKI Touch Light” body. Three levels of dimming are possible:…


Moving from corner to corner? New Release:『SMISKI Moving Series』

Jan 16, 2024

「Moving in the corner?」 Mysterious creatures secretly moving in the corner of your room!! In this new series, Smiski is discovered secretly moving in search of a more comfortable corner. The reason why he is moving is a mystery but it might be that he is going to college, getting a job, moving in with…


Have fun exercising with Smiski! New Release:『SMISKI Exercising Series』

May 25, 2023

“Exercising in the corner?” Mysterious creatures secretly exercising in the corner of your room! In the new series, we find Smiski doing exercises in the corner of your room. Smiski has decided to do something about his physical fitness. We all know that we should exercise, but getting started and maintaining an exercise routine is…


“SMISKI” attaches to your Zipper and watches over you! New Release:『ZIPPERBITE™ SMISKI』

Jan 14, 2023

“CABLE BITES”, created by Dreams in 2017, which became a global phenomenon with over 10 million units sold worldwide, takes on new form in “ZIPPERBITES”. “SMISKI”, a mysterious creature who watches over you and who loves corners, is added to our lineup of zipper accessories, “ZIPPERBITE”!   New SMISKI figures have been discovered clinging to…


Smiski is changing his clothes and is a little embarrassed that we are all watching! New Release [SMISKI Dressing Series]

Nov 1, 2022

「Dressing in the corner?」 Mysterious creatures secretly changing clothes in the corner of your room! In this series, SMISKI has been discovered secretly changing clothes. Like you, he wants to express his fashion sense. The “Dressing Series” depicts scenes that are a little goofy, adorable, and laughable, such as “SMISKI Tight Pants” in which he…