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New Release:SMISKI LINE Stamp!

In commemoration of the release of the Cheer Series, SMISKI first LINE stamp appears! Named after the newly released Cheer Series, there are 32 types of volumeies, including stamps that can support and encourage someone who is doing their best, and surreal stamps that the familiar from SMISKI Series 1.   【Product Summary】 Stamp Name:…

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New Release:SMISKI Cheer Series!

“SMISKI Cheer Series”. In this new series, Smiski is cheering and supporting you! With drum and megaphone, pom poms and team spirit, Smiski Cheer will be on sale in August! Normally, Smiski quietly watches from the corner. But in this series, he sees the challenges you are facing and he wants to encourage you with…

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