"CABLE BITES", created by Dreams in 2017, which became a global phenomenon with over 10 million units sold worldwide, takes on new form in “ZIPPERBITES”. “SMISKI”, a mysterious creature who watches over you and who loves corners, is added to our lineup of zipper accessories, "ZIPPERBITE"!

New SMISKI figures have been discovered clinging to your favorite zipper to quietly watch over you. You can attach Smiski Zipperbites to a variety of zippers… jackets or coats, backpacks, pen cases… anything with an appropriately sized zipper pull. "ZIPPERBITE", a unique new product from Dreams Inc. is attached by hooking it onto the hole of the zipper pull.


WhenSMISKI Hanging On!
SMISKI Hanging is a curious fellow.
He is found on your favorite zipper where hangs quietly, confidently and in control.


SmiskiSMISKI Hugging Knees
SMISKI Hugging Knees sits quietly in a corner where you might find it.
When attached to your zipper, SMISKI Hugging Knees is a zen-like figure.


SmiskiMade of phosphorescent material that absorbs light and emits light when it gets dark, Smiski glows in the dark.