Illuminate your room with Smiski’s glow♪ New Release:『SMISKI Touch Light』

Introducing a new SMISKI product: 『SMISKI Touch Light』.
"Smiski Daydreaming", which appeared in "Living Series", is now available as a touch light! Smiski is pondering with a small cat on his head that gently illuminates your room.

You can dim the light by tapping the "SMISKI Touch Light" body.
Three levels of dimming are possible: Low-Mid-High.
*This product does not use phosphorescent material, so the Smiski itself will not glow when the light is turned off.

A Micro USB cable charger is included.
It takes about 4 hours for the light to fully charge. With a full battery, the light can be used continuously for about 8 hours. (In High Light mode/*In Low Light mode, it can be used continuously for about 32 hours.)

Product name:SMISKI Touch Light
Price:4,180 yen including tax (3,800 yen excluding tax)
Product size:Approx. W84×H175×D93/mm
Package size:Approx. W85×H175×D94/mm
Rated Power:1.8W
Charging Input:DC5V 1A
Battery Capacity:900mAh
*Please note : Release date and product specifications may be changed, postponed or canceled without notice.
“SMISKI Touch Light” is scheduled to be released around mid May 2024.
*Details on the release date will be announced later on the SMISKI brandsite and SNS.
*Release dates vary by country.