“SMISKI Museum Series” release commemorative gift campaign

To commemorate the release of the SMISKI Museum Series, we will hold a "SMISKI Museum Series" release commemorative gift campaign on SMISKI LINE.

From those who applied, 30 people will be given a "SMISKI Relaxing Plush" by lottery.

Campaign Period:
10th December,2020~PM 11:59 31th January,2021
(Museum Series pre-orders and SMISKI Christmas Set 2020 are also eligible)

Application method:
⑴ Register "SMISKI" as a friend on LINE official account.
⑵ Please answer the "Questionnaire for" Present Campaign "application" in "SMISKI LINE account.
⑶ Please send a photo of the receipt that meets the application conditions from the talk room.

SMISKI Item Line up
SMISKI Series1、Series2、Series3、Series4、Bath Series、Toilet series、Living series、Bed Series、Yoga Series、Cheer Series、Museum Series、SMISKI Sensor Light、SMISKI Key Chain、SMISKI Toothbrush Stand、SMISKI Bath Ball1、SMISKI Bath Ball2

Campaign Details>>https://smiski.com/campaign202012/